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The best pop-up boilies you can prepare for yourself: the blends offered a true redemption to even the most jaded angler. Thanks to the carefully selected ingredients the pop-ups will dry within 48 hours and the longer the drying time, the higher the degree of hardness. It is of great advantage that the rock-hard pop-ups still remain flexible and have no cracks while looping the fishline. The hand-made pop-ups dried for several days offer maximum performance for 4-5 days!

Work-up: The best is if we take 1 or 2 eggs and add only a smaller amount to the mixture in the beginning. At the beginning this is a somewhat difficult task but don't become discouraged! Give the mixture until you succeed to form a nice, creamy dough. Using a device or by hand you can shape the dough marbles, then put a handful of boilies in boiling water. Remove the pan from the fire now and do not boil the baits!! Leave the pop-ups with constant stirring in the water for 1-2 minutes. If you leave them for a longer time in the water then the pop-ups lose their (round) shape. That does not change its hardness and the buoyancy force. Then dry the balls on a kitchen towel and make sure not to expose your pop-ups to solar radiation or wind.
To prevent mold, it is advisable to let the pop-ups dry for a week (on a heater). A very effective way is to give 2-4 ml Boilie Dip to 100 grams of dry pop-ups. This has a very good preservative effect and they soon begin to give off fragrances. Get a tight container fitted with a screw top.
We speak from experience!

TIP: Use little or no preservatives, as these affect the quality of pop-ups negatively!

TIP: If you need even harder pop-up boilies - for example because of the crabs - then add 5-10% egg albumin to it.

Pop Up Mix - Pop Up Mix

Pop Up Mix

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